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  • BRAKE SHOE NiBK FN3335 W015-33-310, W015-49-230, W016-49-230, W327-33-310, W3Y7-33-37Z


Brand : NiBK

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Offer ID Days Qty Price [US$]
1 18 59.85
22 18 87.24


Location Front Axle Brake
Pcs In Set 4
Radius 150
Thickness 5/8.3
Width 60
Placement Production Eng.Vol. Body No Eng No Notes
Front Axle Brake Mar 83~Apr 89 2.5 L WE5AT XA Body:2.0t
Front Axle Brake Feb 83~May 89 3.0 L WEFAT HA
Front Axle Brake Jan 84~May 89 3.0 L WEFAT HA-T
Front Axle Brake May 95~Jun 00 3.0 L WGSAD VS
Front Axle Brake Jun 95~Apr 99 3.0 L WGSAT VS
Front Axle Brake Sep 84~May 89 3.5 L WELAT SL Drive:Single Tire
Front Axle Brake Jan 89~Dec 98 3.5 L WGLAT SL Drive:2WD,Single Rear Tire
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