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  • Transmission Fluid Totachi L111013

Transmission Fluid Totachi L111013

Brand : Totachi

  • Price : US$27.60 US$46.23

In Stock 4
Kaki Bukit: 4

This item only sold within Singapore, not available for Export

Tags: Automatic, Transmission, Fluid


Location Transmission Oil
Volume(L) 4

Other Brands

Transmission Fluid
Transmission Oil
ATF-Z1 Ultra
In Stock: 300+ units
OE Numbers
Owner Part Number
HONDA 08266-99904


Multipurpose ATF fluid, specially designed for hydromechanic automatic transmissions of many ОЕМs with revised requirements of GM DEXRON®-III (H) or Ford MERCON®specifications. The product’s formulation contains highly refined premium base stocks with high viscosity index, which, in combination with additive package, provides protection against wear and optimal friction performance for smooth gear shifts. Increased stability to physical deterioration and outstanding stability to oxidation allow the retention of initial performance in extended service intervals.

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