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  • Transmission Fluid IDEMITSU 30301201-7460S

Transmission Fluid IDEMITSU 30301201-7460S

Multi CVTF 4L


This item is only able to ship to Singapore (by any method) and Malaysia (by standard shipment only)

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Tags: Transmission, Fluid


Location Transmission Oil
Volume(L) 4

Sub Assembly:

Brand Part Type
IDEMITSU MULTI CVTF 1L Transmission Fluid

Idemitsu CVTF is the latest technologically advanced continuous variable transmission fluid suitable for use in all modern CVT units. This special formulation consists of high quality hydro cracked base stock and various additives to enhance smooth & positive shifting under severe working conditions. 


  • Super long-life continuously variable transmission fluid.
  • Superior protection against premature wear & tear of moving parts.
  • Excellent protection and performance at high temperature and high loads. 

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