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  • Transmission Fluid Totachi L109713

Transmission Fluid Totachi L109713

Brand : Totachi

  • Price : US$42.78 US$58.65

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This item only sold within Singapore, not available for Export

Tags: Transmission, Fluid


Location Transmission Oil
OE Numbers
Owner Part Number
NISSAN KLE53-00004


Totachi CVT Fluid is a universal synthetic work fluid for variable transmissions. Engineered on the basis of exclusive technology from highly stable base oils of Group IV (PAO) and a combination of antiwear and antioxidizing additives together with unique friction agents, the Totachi CVT formulation provides maintenance of effective operating temperature and accurate transfer of torque, prevents belt (chain) slippage in transmission and reduces vibration. The product does not cause corrosion of details, made of nonferrous metals and does not have adverse effect on gaskets and elastomer seals that are typically used in car automatic transmissions.

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