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  • BRAKE PADS NiBK PN0101 GBP177, GBP213, GBP281, GBP90213, GBP90297


Brand : NiBK

Offer ID Days Qty Price [SG$]
1 19 33.25
2 20 33.25
22 39 19.66


Location Front Axle Brake
Length-1 74
Pcs In Set 4
Thickness-1 13.3
Width-1 64
Placement Production Eng.Vol. Body No Eng No Notes
Front Axle Brake Aug 90~May 01 1.3 L 12A2A
Front Axle Brake Aug 90~May 01 1.3 L 12A2D
Front Axle Brake Aug 90~May 01 1.3 L 12A2E
Front Axle Brake Aug 90~May 01 1.3 L 12A2L

The NIBK High Performance friction pads.

  • Low Dust *Low dust compounds will keep your rims clean.
  • Low Abrasiveness *Low Abrasive materials prolong the life your disc rotors.
  • Tuned formulation * Under NiBK’s Exclusive material range, each brake pad model undergoes a throughout selection process, which ensures that each brake pad is best tuned for the each and every vehicle type.
  • Excellent grip across All Temperatures *NiBK brake pads operate with best grip performance across all operational temperatures, which ensures brakes work predictably regardless if they are hot or cold.
  • F/G Link Safety rating *All NiBK materials have a F/G Link safety rating. F/G the highest attainable safety rating by Link Standards ensuring all NiBK brake pads never compromise on safety.

Comes with NiBK High Temperature Copper Grease pack And multi-layered Anti-noise shims

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